1.   The Instrument remains the property of Britannia Music Shop Ltd and

      hire payments do NOT contribute towards buying the Instrument.

2.   I shall make monthly payments by Bank Standing Order each month.

3.   Britannia Music Shop will carry out FREE maintenance for normal

      wear & tear. I shall pay for posting the Instrument if necessary.

4.   I shall inform Britannia Music Shop if I change my address.

5.   I shall pay for repairing any damage to the Instrument except fair wear & tear.

6.   If I lose the Instrument I shall pay Britannia Music Shop the Instrument Value.

7.   If my payments are late I shall pay an extra penalty charge of £10 per week.

8.   At the end of hire I shall return the instrument at my own cost and pay for damage

      repairs if Britannia Music Shop judge damage has occurred (except wear & tear).


9.   If Britannia Music Shop cancels this agreement I shall promptly return the Instrument.

10. I shall leave up to date card details with Britannia Music Shop and I authorise Britannia Music Shop to take payments from this card for the initial payment, overdue hire, damage repairs, or loss of the instrument if necessary.

Hire Terms & Conditions

I agree that during this Hire Agreement