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Benefits of hiring:

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The Instrument
Our hire stock includes instruments of various makes and models. As all trained musicians know, used instruments are very much as good as new ones so long as they have good maintenance. All our Hire instruments are serviced and maintained by us in readiness for rental to ensure they play perfectly.

Getting Started is Easy

What Happens Next?
You receive the instrument and hire starts.

Hire for as long as you like
There is a minimum of 3 months hire, but you can continue hiring for as long as you like as long as payments are up to date.

Hire Payments

Care of the Instrument
All good instrument teachers give training in the correct handling of the instrument to avoid damage. You should also be careful not to leave the instrument in very hot or cold places (e.g. near a radiator or heater, in a vehicle in cold weather, or in a vehicle in hot sunny weather). Instrument Care information is available on each hire page.

Insurance - We recommend hire customers insure the hire instrument. This is not included in the hire price because it would be unfair to charge every customer the same amount. Different people use their instruments in various environments (with some people it stays at home, others may leave it at school, or play it outdoors etc.) and some people have adequate home contents insurance cover. Some people even prefer not to pay for insurance but will take on the cost themselves if something goes wrong. In all cases we leave the decision up to you, but we do strongly recommend that you have some sort of insurance against loss or major damage. For specialist musical instrument insurance we recommend Allianz Musical Instrument Insurance.

Returning the Instrument
When you no longer need the instrument simply return it to us.

The Final Check-over
Before we sign-off the hire agreement as ended, we give the instrument to our technicians to inspect and if all is well the hire agreement ends. If our technicians find any significant damage (although this is rare) we will let you know and you will be charged for repair at cost price.

Cancelling Your Standing Order
After you have returned the instrument when you no longer need it, please remember to cancel your Bank Standing Order (we can't do this for you as only you have control of your bank account). You can usually do this by phoning you bank.

Can I buy the instrument I am hiring?
This is not a hire-purchase scheme and the hire payments pay only for hiring the instrument.

Who can hire?
To hire an instrument you must be a UK citizen, at least 21 years old, employed, with a valid credit or debit card and a permanent UK address. Individuals can hire instruments from us, but organisations cannot (eg. schools, colleges, companies, charities).

Information about Instrument Hire
Britannia Music Shop, St Albans

Our hire scheme has been designed very carefully to ensure we keep the price of hiring as low as possible. We do this by adhering to a code of practice which avoids unnecessary losses. In this way we can ensure the hire scheme has a healthy future and is able to offer a cheap way to start playing for many generations to come.